"Buying a ticket to the Kafka Museum in Prague is super easy on our website!"

Isn't that missing the point? Where is the Kafkian Experience in that? I expect buying a ticket to be awkward, confusing, take days and leave you completely baffled as to whether you have, in fact, bought a ticket or not until you reach the museum. And once there, a random sample of the people to be denied entry but be put on trial insterad. They are missing a trick.

#kafka #onbrand

If walking costs you $1, we all pay $0.01. If biking costs you $1, we all pay $0.08. If bussing costs you $1, we all pay $1.50. If driving costs you $1, we all pay $9.20. Via @thediscourse study.

This isn’t just about choice. It’s about who pays for your choice.

#citymakingmath #walking #bikes #cities #publictransit #transportatio #economics #urbanism #cityplanning #mobility

Retrötet mehr!
Boostet mehr!

Wie sollen wir uns hier denn sonst alle kennenlernen‽

It's not enough to squat a Mastodon handle that you never use.

It's not enough to automatically repost your Twitter timeline.

You have a chance to be part of something new. Something important. To shape it in the right way.

With all of us.

Breathe life into *this* community and *this* network by posting here, creating here, connecting here.

Be here now.

#Wikidata random #SPARQL query: Universities ordered by number of #Mastodon IDs of people who studied there. w.wiki/63XG

The collapse of Twitter for (basically) self-inflicted reasons makes a strong case for building online infrastructure structured as a non-profit or public utility.

People rely on these platforms for public information, use them for democratic debate and many invest their livelihoods in them.

These platforms are too important to public safety, peoples’ livelihoods and democracy to leave in the hands of eccentric billionaires or the whims of stock markets.

I’m not an infosec expert or anything but I don’t think that’s right

@jordan @jeffjarvis Heh, all us computer geeks are convinced that if a computer takes some data and re-arranges it to produce some particular result, that means an algorithm is being executed.

Pretty clear that the word "algorithm" has taken on a new popular meaning. No point in pushing back against that but maybe we geeks do need to invent some new terms so we can talk about filtering/curation tech without making people think we're reinventing Facebook…

🗳️ Election time for the @tag! Three seats are to be filled and seven people have been nominated as candidates: Brandon Baraban, @sundress, @rhiaro, @hober, Martin Thomson, @leaverou and Song Xu.
Read their nomination statements: w3.org/2022/11/15-tag-nominati

Every day I see more and more evidence of society descending into utter lawlessness and chaos.

Stop attracting your friends, colleagues, family and fans back to Twitter.

Don't post there. Don't fave things. Don't retweet. Don't DM.

Stop making it a social place for them. It's making them think they should be there.

Put your Mastodon address in your bio, and start posting over here instead.

Vergleicht man den 🇦🇹 #Gasverbrauch seit Jahresbeginn mit dem Vorjahr oder dem 5-Jahres-Durchschnitt wird klar: Heuer haben wir deutlich weniger verbraucht.

Kumuliert um 8,5 TWh weniger als 2021 und um 5,7 TWh weniger als im 5-Jahres-Schnitt.

Bewertet man die Einsparung mit dem heutigen #Gaspreis von 122 €/MWh ergibt sich ein Gegenwert von 1,04 Mrd. € (ggü 2021) bzw 698 Mio. € (ggü dem Mittel aus 2017-2021).


Und jetzt investieren wir das ersparte Geld bitte in #Erneuerbare.

Kurz ganz was anderes: In Österreich versuchen ein paar engagierte Journalist:innen, ein neues Digitalmedium zu starten - namens @tageins. Ich bin jetzt zahlendes Mitglied geworden, aber sie brauchen noch weitere Unterstützer:innen (das Crowdfunding endet bald!). Falls euch das interessiert, kann man hier Mitglied werden: tageins.at/mitglied

Hopefully everyone's wrapping up their ESWC 2023 submissions for the 12/15 deadline!
The research track is looking for contributions addressing theoretical, analytical, and empirical aspects of the Semantic Web, semantic technologies, and semantics on the Web in general. We also encourage contributions at the intersection of these domains and other scientific disciplines.
#eswc2023 #SemanticWeb #KnowlegeGraphs #ontologies

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