Well, it's Groundhog Day, again.*

“Only in America do we accept weather predictions from a rodent but deny #ClimateChange evidence from scientists.”

* I share this meme every year on February 2. Source unknown. #science

Catastrophic (and to be frank - hugely depressing)

This new research in @PNASNews suggests earth will cross the 1.5 degrees C temperature increase threshold in the next decade (within just 10 to 15 years) and is likely to exceed 2 degrees C by around 2060.

This should be THE lead story on the news today (and onwards) and the lead action point for our governments. It should trigger a massive call for real global action to combat the #climateemergency - sadly though I fear this news will barely register.

We have to stop believing the siren calls of future technology solutions and #carbonoffsets - the immediate need is a rapid end to the use of #fossilfuels and a massive rollout of #renewableenergy


#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis

@lysander07 @albertmeronyo @tabea @fizise still upset I can't make it this year, but hope a lot of students share the great experience I had when supporting as a tutor there! This summer school is a truly enjoyable and memorable experience! 2023.semanticwebschool.org/ind

Time to apply for #ISWS2023 - the International #SemanticWeb #Research #SummerSchool! Applications are open until March 30th, School dates: June 11th-17th, 2023. Venue: Bertinoro, Italy. Don't miss this unique opportunity and apply now at
#ai #knowledgegraphs #LLM #LLMs #creativeai @AxelPolleres @albertmeronyo @tabea @fizise

Analyse: EU produziert erstmals mehr Strom aus Erneubaren als aus Gas

Die Stromproduktion aus Wind und Sonne hat im Jahr 2022 in der EU knapp die Gasverstromung überholt. Der Ukraine-Krieg habe die Energiewende angeschoben.


#Energie #Energiewende #ErneuerbareEnergie #EU #Solarenergie #UkraineKrieg #Windkraft #news

Hey ... why does my code not terminate? (asking for my friend Alan)

Short reminder to potentially interested colleagues and students about the running registration for our popular (undergraduate specialization) at (Vienna University of Economics and Business):


Important dates this semester: Tutorials: 30+31 January, i.e. the first online tutorial takes place !

Entry exam, this coming Friday: 3 February 2023

p.s.: Registration deadline is tomorrow midnight!

Die Würde des Menschen ist ein Konjunktiv.
Wiglaf Droste

@lysander07 still quite sceptical on the trustworthiness of such explanations, beyond simple enceclopedia-style descriptions, where it's probably doing fine... Eg. in my experience fails totally in explaining mathematical concepts or the actual *working* of, say algorithms (the contrary would actually really surprise me). Does that match with your experiences?

"If we switched to renewable energy, the number of ships crossing the ocean would fall almost in half. Because they're just carrying #coal and #oil and gas" -Bill McKibben on Bird.

Port of Long Beach exports a good deal of #petroleum coke & coal that are deemed too dirty to burn in the US. #Shipping fuel is itself filthy (dirtier than diesel).

Map is a screenshot of global marine traffic (red vessels are #tankers), via marinetraffic.com

EDIT: for my reply guys: press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/b

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The Press needs to get a clue about social media!

They don't want to moderate discussions on their websites.

So they're shutting down discussions on their websites.

But what that does is move the discussion to a space (Twitter, Meta, etc.) that's largely unmoderated.

And on social media, few people are clicking to read the articles -- they're just seeing headlines.

What's the net effect? Big Social owns the news!


In Niederösterreich durften nur österreichische Staatsbürger:innen wählen und in der Gemeinde mit dem größten Asyl-Erstaufnahmezentrum Österreichs sieht das Wahlergebnis so aus.

@deutschewelle das sollte man auch hier im lichte der und entsprechender Bundesumfragewerte in lesen ...


... Es ist schockierend, wenn singende Kellernazis im bevölkerungsreichsten Bundesland Österreichs bei den unter 60-jährigen Wählern (in der Tat sind es die männlichen Wähler, die hier den maßgeblichen Anteil haben) inzwischen die stärkste Partei stellen.

Die Ernennung von Adolf Hitler zum Reichskanzler 1933 änderte den Lauf der Geschichte - nicht nur der deutschen. Hätte es anders ausgehen können? Das fragt die Ausstellung "Roads Not Taken" in Berlin.
1933: Hätte Adolf Hitlers Machtübernahme verhindert werden können? | DW | 29.01.2023
#1933 #Machtergreifung #Hitler #NSDAP #Nazis

Wow, there's innovation in propeller shapes (which i thought we're close to optimal for a century): toroidal propellers newatlas.com/aircraft/toroidal >50% performance improvement at midrange rpms in liquids!

“Apples and Oranges”

Cartoonist: Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press

The first text line detection model for historical documents available on @huggingface : paper+code+models, all open-source huggingface.co/Teklia/doc-ufcn teklia.com/research/publicatio #digitalhumanities via @_teklia_@twitter.com

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