Involving myself in the sweat and infarction inducing horror of British Airways’ horrifically terrible mobile app has made we wonder why there is no equivalent of the #razzies for apps? My suggestion would be for an annual #Crappies Awards ceremony. Worst design. Worst UX. Greediest In-App Purchase Demands. Most Endless Ad-Loop (I’m looking at you, CandyCrush) Most Pointless Function. I’m sure between us, Mastopeeps, we can think of 10 or 15 categories.

Elon Musk buddy Peter Thiel dumped cryptocurrency while urging others to buy it.

Just before the crash.

“We’re at the end of the fiat money regime, ” he declared in April 2022, saying Bitcoin’s price could increase by a factor of 100. He’d pretty much cashed out by then.

Thiel called crypto skeptic Warren Buffet a “sociopathic grandpa” … while quietly doing the opposite of his own public advice.

This is who these people are.

@Eddiethebulldog According to NPR, Republicans make demands to fix the deficit only when a Democrat is President. @DemocracyMatters

Confessed to my friend from South America once that it took me a while to realize why many of the rivers in their presentations would flow east when the Pacific Ocean is so near!


Realized I never made a South America elevation tile map

#rayshader #rstats

Scientists expected a dynamic star-forming region of a nearby galaxy lower in heavier elements might be low on dust made from such materials, called metals. Instead, new data from @NASAWebb reveals the building blocks of potential planets!

Comet NEOWISE rising over the Earth just before dawn as seen from the International Space Station.

President Biden promised to release the patent for the COVID vaccine. There is no better time to do it…


JUST IN: White House joins criticism of Moderna's planned 400% vaccine price increase. "We share the concern with Senator Sanders. The price hike here is hard to understand or to justify," said today.

HHS must step in to lower the price of this lifesaving drug.


Comet E3 ZTF Brightens as the First Good Comet of 2023 - our latest post for @universetoday including celestial dates with destiny, how to observe the comet, and more: - One 'red-letter' date for the comet is February 11th, when the comet passes less than one degree from the planet Mars. Named after the Zwicky Transient Facility that found the comet last March, Comet E3 ZTF is on a ~50,000 year orbit inbound.

2 years ago Capitol was attacked. Man who incited it is now running unopposed for Republican nomination for President. His co-conspirators in Congress are now deciding on next Speaker and on what terms. None have been prosecuted.

The end of an era. Daniel Barenboim has stood down as General Music Director of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. No house and no musician have meant more to me over the past two decades. Recording my very best wishes and immense gratitude for performances from Gluck to Boulez, and above all Wagner.

My SH2-206 with 29 hours narrowband data, it has been tough to process and this is my first stab at it. Not many images of this interesting nebula. Taken with my Atik 383L+ and 190MN scope from my backyard in the UK. #Astrodon #Astronomy #Astrophotography #Sharpless #Space #Nebula

Dear Republicans,

1/6 didn’t make you look like domestic terrorists, it made you domestic terrorists.

Own it.

Everyone else who didn’t try and overthrow America

If you outlaw abortions, ban mask mandates, dictate what educators can teach in schools, and stop people from voting, safe to say you're not the party of limited government...

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