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Hey there 🤗!

I'm Benjamin and new to Mastodon 🐘, so here's my short introduction.

I love , , , 🎨🎭📚

I'm a big geek of , , , and 📊🤓

I like to learn new stuff about , and 📱🚀⚡

I care about , the and 🌱🌤️

I speak a bunch of 💬, live in 🎡, feel at home in 🇪🇺 & would like to do my part to make our world a better place 🌈

Hi to all 😊👋

How to drive down carbon emissions from buildings?

The two main levers are:

🏠 energy efficiency
⚡️ heat pumps

More in the IEA heat pumps report published yesterday.

German words to show the importance of capital letters:

wagen - to dare
Wagen - car, cart

reifen - to mature
Reifen - tire

ahnen - to suspect
Ahnen - ancestors

arm - poor
Arm - arm

reich - rich
Reich - empire

samt - together with, along with
Samt - velvet

weg - away, gone
Weg - way, path

bar - cash
Bar - bar, pub

elf - 11
Elf - elf

fest - hard
Fest - Party

And no: "Party hard" is not "Fest fest". That would be too easy.

Enjoy our language!

Im Jahr 1991 wurden in Österreich 🇦🇹 585 Pensionen je 1.000 pensionsversicherten Erwerbstätigen ausgezahlt.

Im Jahr 2011 waren es 620.

Und im Jahr 2021? Wieder nur 586.

Ziemlich beeindruckend für ein Land, in dem das Durchschnittsalter in den letzten drei Jahrzehnten von von 36 auf 43 Jahre gestiegen ist.

In Wien gibt etwa 470.000 Parkplätze auf öffentlichen Flächen.

Ein Parkplatz ist mindestens 12,5 Quadratmeter groß.

Wäre diese Fläche verbaut, würde sie jährlich mindestens € 1 Mrd. an Mieteinnahmen bringen und wäre €40 Mrd. wert.

Die Stadt Wien nimmt indes jährlich an die € 200 Millionen durch Parkraumbewirtschaftung ein.

Austria 🇦🇹 has the second highest R&D expenditure in the EU, behind only Sweden 🇸🇪

Jährlich durch Streiks ausgefallene Arbeitstage von 2011 bis 2021:

🇦🇹 : 2
🇩🇪 : 18

Deutsche Presse so: „Hohe Inflation lässt Österreich in Arbeitskämpfe versinken”



Anyway, follow me for more or takes.

If you’re into nerdy graphs in global context (who isn’t, right 😜?), I’m your guy 😎

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Wonder where Austria 🇦🇹 fits into all of this?

I used Germany so far because as a big industrial country, it’s more representative for global comparisons.

But for what it’s worth, Austria has been doing just as well as Germany – or even a tiny little bit better, with some small fluctuations 😉

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And then there’s the US, of course – but even there, the gap has held steady overall (and is mainly due to different working hours, btw).

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And yes, sure, there are also countries that have grown faster per capita – but overall, surprisingly few and most of them under very specific conditions, usually catching up and still with a significant gap.

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In general, there’s lots of countries that Germany has outgrown in the last three decades – many of which also ought to grow faster to catch up, but have actually fallen further behind.

Quite remarkable if one knows the German discourse which hardly ever tires of jeremiads about industrial decline and the fall of a superstar and whatnot.

The opposite is the case. The superstar is still ascending.

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As a result of these trends, Germany’s economy may well overtake that of Japan in size towards the end of this decade 📈

First in nominal GDP – subject also to currency exchange rates – where the German economy is already 90% the size of Japan’s;

And bit later also measured in PPP, where it stands at 85% (compared to 75% in 1990).

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Contrast that with Poland, which also grew by leaps and bounds – from 1/3 of Germans’ average purchasing power in 1990 to about 2/3s now .

But a gap remained, mainly because Germany also grew considerably, while Japan did not (or hardly).

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In the same period, the average purchasing power of South Koreans went from less than 1/2 of that of the Japanese to +10% more last year.

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From 1990 to 2006, the Japanese and Germans had the same effective purchasing power on average.

In 2021, the average German was over 1/3 better off than their Japanese peers.

In less than a year, Czechia's population has grown 4.5% due to an influx of Ukrainian refugees fleeing Putin's invasion.

Unemployment is 2.2% and stable.

Between this and similar economic strength in Poland (4% 2022 Ukrainian) and Germany (1.3% 2022 Ukrainian), I think we've just driven another nail into the coffin of the racist moral panic about immigrants from poor countries taking away jobs from locals. Turns out immigrants integrate just fine.

European countries have also been very successful in cutting deaths due to pollution – although there’s still some way to go and the effects of old policies will linger for decades.

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Between 1990 and 2019, annual road deaths in European countries fell by about 2/3 while road traffic massively increased – a remarkable achievement.

So, the European Union has set up its own Mastodon instance, EU Voice, as an official channel/platform for all its many institutions - what a great initiative
#TwitterMigration #europe #Diplomacy #Transparency

h/t Richard Hull

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