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Remember the story about our hackspace @verschwoerhaus getting sued by Ulm city?
There is now a great new article (German) on the court hearing this week. Especially interesting: the city chose an extra high amount in dispute to scare us out of the legal process.

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ChatGPT gets treated like technological magic, but that ignores the humans behind the curtain that make it function.

OpenAI paid Sama to hire Kenyan workers at $1.32 to $2 an hour to review “child sexual abuse, bestiality, murder, suicide, torture, self harm, and incest” content. Their work made the tool less toxic, but left them mentally scarred. The company ended the contract when they found out TIME was digging into their practices.

#tech #chatgpt #ai

chatgpt offers a fast way to create poetry for everybody. you only have to think of a prompt and the machine writes a poem for you. i found this way too much work. so i created a prompt generator that automates this task as well.

try it here:

find some examples here:

honeycomb and air assist upgrade for xtool is so worth it. improves cutting of plywood immensely.

i click on the link to a media artist‘s website. i read the buzzword „web3“ on the start page and immediately press the back button. not interested. thanks.

working on a new book of visual and non-visual poetry

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it's weird to use a social network where there are NO absolutely NO ads.

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