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@benroethig Production will move closer to consumption. It's only a matter of time.

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In America, there are five walkable cities. Disneyland and Disneyworld are two of them.

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Trans people are a fraction of a fraction of America. Republicans want to drive that fraction of a fraction into hiding for a simple reason -- they're the 1 minority group the right feels safest bashing right now. They don't care & it's just a fun way to smear vulnerable people.

How did it take me this long to learn that Apple is now offering betas for the Homepod Mini????

I run EVERY beta I can find!!

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I really think a NYT that had a lean towards being a little biased against trans people but was committed to really thorough, accurate reporting would be fine.

I wouldn't be wild about it. I'd bitch about it. But the laziness and bad reporting is the thing that drives me crazy, way more than the lean.

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This feels appropriate for the second thing I've ever posted to mastodon.

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Things you can do when aged 16 in the UK:

Register to Vote
Leave home and live on your own
Have sex
Get a passport
Own a pet
Buy a lottery ticket
Change your name
Drive a tractor
Fly a glider
Be a blood donor
Consent to medical treatment

... and you can do these with your parent's consent:

Join the Armed forces
Get married


If that doesn't sound STUPID, I don't know what is.

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My daughter is a trans woman.

Here is a comprehensive list of people and institutions she's harming by identifying as a different gender than she did as a child:

Just heard someone mention “A well organized storm system” on NPR news and now I’m imagining the storm system sitting at a desk with spread sheets and to do lists and stuff 😂

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The Swift code to do the formatting is really clean, see . I’d love for an option to colorize the output, if anyone’s looking for a quick little Swift task that’ll make its way into the compiler.

Edit: no C++ required for this task! Everything in swift-syntax, where this code lives, is Swift in an easy-to-build-and-test package. The swift-parser-cli executable uses it to show parser diagnostics. The compiler is downstream of it, and will pick up changes automatically.

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Picard leadership tip: The larger your audience and the higher your position, the greater the need to communicate with care and precision.

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“How do I increase my team’s velocity?”
Write more tests.

“How do I find and fix more bugs?”
Write more tests.

“How can I gauge performance of our code?”
Write more tests.

“How can we better document what our code is supposed to d–“
I feel like you know the answer already.

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Trans people have to deal with a lot of shit. It's affecting the safety and well-being of entire communities. And it directly undermines their right to speech and to be heard as citizens with equal standing in a democratic society. #Transphobia should not be acceptable, ever. End of story.

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If you allow hate speech in the name of debate, you are, in effect, rhetorically saying that someone's right to an identity is up for debate. It's worth considering which identities you consider to be debatable and which you don't.

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Layoffs are yet another area where companies refuse to follow the science. Here's what the science says. 

- don't save money
- don't improve company performance
- don't increase stock pricess
- destroy trust
- have huge impacts on health, well-being, and income of employees

So why do layoffs? It's a network effect: execs lay people off because other companies are doing it

Stanford Biz School article:

Harvard Biz Review:

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Extreme self-reliance is a super common #trauma response.

It's okay to depend on other people.

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