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A lesser purple emperor butterfly, one of the more stunning residents of the treetops of #Vienna:

#wildlife #photography

Die Liste der Accounts die auf noch fehlen ist fast 100 Einträge lang:

Ich habe heute fast alle Kontaktdaten herausgesucht.

Möchte mir jemensch helfen die alle zu kontaktieren? Ich kann dir gerne auch eine eMail Adresse geben, damit die Anfragen offizieller wirken.

@GerryT Nextcloud social is a full blown social media site as I understand it. That's quite an overkill over what I needed.

I went with Jirafeau.

@tommy Just put the file in a directory would have been a good idea too. I now went with .

Tried the 3 of them.
it it!

Only downside: I can't store files permanently. 1 year max.

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YunoHost offers , and which are not part of the Fediverse, but I guess that's not really necessary anyway. I just need to have a link to the file.

I guess I'll try one of these.

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Specifically I'd like to host files somewhere on .
won't let me upload pdfs. or other instances might, but I don't want to create an instance just for that.
Hosting a on would be an idea, but unless I'm going to upload more files there it seems like a bit of an overkill too.

might be what I'm looking for, but I don't know how to install that and it's not available with YunoHost.


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