@dudokquartet Thanks for producing :) Listening now and enjoying, greatly.

@dudokquartet Thank you. Yes, I told everyone I could about that recording over at the Bird site :)

@dudokquartet @thewagnerian This mastodon thing is making me more receptive to try new things. Trying #Tidal out today @classicalmusic

@sehe @dudokquartet @classicalmusic@a.gup.pe Tidal sounds wonderful - and its classical curation is getting much better, Certainly better than Spotify's

@dudokquartet @thewagnerian @sehe @classicalmusic For streaming, is the main benefit for you to have all the recordings on demand, or is it more about playlists that choose your music for you?


On demand, definitely NOT playlists, but appreciate intelligent suggestions.


@CeciliaBell @dudokquartet @thewagnerian @sehe @classicalmusic
I hardly touch curated playlists but I make many of my own. For me it's the on-demand nature of streaming and the ability to try out anything instantly. I now listen to every new symphony recording when it comes out and I've discovered so much wonderful music that I'd never otherwise have tried. open.spotify.com/playlist/2dIQ

We are happy that our music’s being picked up via streaming services by people who otherwise wouldn’t have had access to it. There’s no reason for us to be on the streaming platforms other than visibility (through findability) 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ more on our personal stance as put into words by Alex Ross 👉 newyorker.com/culture/cultural @CeciliaBell @thewagnerian @sehe @classicalmusic

@classicalmusic @CeciliaBell @sehe @dudokquartet @thewagnerian I do realise that all streaming services pass on absurdly small fees to musicians - but Qobuz (my preferred service for classical) has enabled me to listen to whole albums that have been briefly excerpted on BBCR3's Record Review. And @dudokquartet ‘s wonderful Brahms, and the latest Shostakovich/Baciewicz, has made me sure to book a ticket when (I hope] they next do a London concert.

@dudokquartet @sehe @classicalmusic@a.gup.pe Two 0f the reasons that I stopped using Spotify. Indeed, on those rare occasions when I pick up a Spotify playlist I use Soundiz to quickly port it to Tidal - or Qobuz, which I also use

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