@littlemurphydog I do have to say that Opera performers do seem to be growing in girth once again. Perhaps a reflection of society in general?

Philly Mastodon, I need your help!

We've been fostering this extremely cool cat named Minnie for 6 weeks. She is sweet, playful, energetic and snuggly but gets skittish at the pet store and has had no luck getting adopted.

Not sure how she does with other pets but she's good with kids and extremely fun. Like, seriously one of the most fun cats I've ever met.

Do you want to come meet her? Do you know anyone who does?

Please boost! Minnie needs a home! #cats #pets #catsofmastodon #phillycats

@d3rrick I'm simply bewildered who to the present government thinks they are appealing to. Not even DM readers are impressed. And attempting to destroy the arts, as they are - does not have the same appeal here as it does to, some, Republican voters in the US.

@d3rrick You know, every time someone calls someone a Philistines I am oddly reminded of a Monty Python sketch. So at least this, inadvertently, brought a smile to my face :)

@d3rrick Indeed, Such a horrible, despicable government. Their actions, on so many levels, are incomprehensible!

The end of an era. Daniel Barenboim has stood down as General Music Director of the Staatsoper Unter den Linden. No house and no musician have meant more to me over the past two decades. Recording my very best wishes and immense gratitude for performances from Gluck to Boulez, and above all Wagner.

Woke up. Can't sleep. Ended up putting this recoding on. It is, I think, worth the price of admission for the Bartok, alone. open.spotify.com/album/2DZihvF

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